LVR#028#CLASSIC SOUND 01#Alex Sosa

Lovely 028


Lovely 028Daring and timeless. That’s how Alex Sosa returns. With great and good positive feedbacks on this EP, Mr. Sosa is becoming one of the great House. Four tracks full of classic but timeless sounds that everyone enjoys listening to dance or privacy.



Alex Sosa-Back Up (Original Mix)

Alex Sosa-Bionic Man (Original Mix)

Alex Sosa-Tribute to K. (Original Mix)

Alex Sosa-Turnament (Original Mix)


LVR#027#SOUL BOMBS#Thompson

11122370_10205761180220067_1203391483_oWe are very happy to have Thompson. He is an artist with a clear upward trend. His productions sound in the best rooms and the very best artists. The two tracks reflect the potential of this artist. Open your ears to the sounds House underground of this great work.