LVR#025#INTERIM FUNK#Tony S, Remix: Alex Sosa

Lovely 025

Lovely 025Wonderful release. LVR#025#INTERIM FUNK#Tony S, Remix: Alex Sosa.

The closest to the DeepHouse. We are delighted with this magnificent sound by Tony S. But put aside the work of Alex Sosa on the remix.Very complete release in reference 4, the label.



Tony S – Dual State (Original Mix)

Tony S – Interim Funk (Alex Sosa Remix)

Tony S – Interim Funk (Original Mix)

Tony S – Rhythm Theory (Original Mix)




LVR024Lovely Records welcomes to Dj Bee. One of the most prominent artists scene of House in Spanish. After several important works for artists and labels worldwide, Dj Bee presents their 1st EP including 2 tracks with a clear dose Deep House and groove. Two tracks marked with sounds and characteristic elements sessions Dj Bee. “Warm Up” is a first cut that contains all the American essence, the essence of which is well tanned Dj Bee for his family closeness and musical taste. A second cut called Touche Me, is another of the tracks that makes us feel and travel to most European sounds. According Dj Bee, 2 tracks that reflect 100% the way you see the Deep, the House and dance culture. The best way to begin a set is wich a good warm up. This is important in the life of every dj.





LVR023#BEHIND CLOSED EYES#Big Al, Rishi K, Remix: Miss Disk/Tony S

Behind Closed Eyes

Behind Closed EyesThis is a very special reference by Team Lovely. Great artists of the international scene congregate. Mixed culture of countries and ethyls common but different at the same time.
Rishi K has become an established artist that used to be in the top charts thanks to its good beats. He is accompanied by one of the most powerful artists Deep panorama, BIG AL .
They offer a more Dub version for lovers of the smaller , dark clubs .
This EP is completed with 2 powerful remix . For one Tony S , an acclaimed producer who takes the groove anywhere . Being marked a very danceable remix .
Meanwhile, one of the queens of Lovely. Miss Disk. This charming artist, has created an amazing remix of Lovely . Deep and long lines under that delight and lead you to a hypnotic dance.

Big Al Rishi K_Behind Closed Eyes (Tony S Remix)

Big Al Rishi K_Behind Closed Eyes (Original Mix)

Big Al Rishi K_Behind Closed Eyes (Miss Disk Remix)

Big Al Rishi K_Behind Closed Eyes (DubMix)


LVR022#MANTRA#Vision Avenue, Be.Lanuit


LVR#22Amazing new release
The new formation “Vision Avenue” is strong. We bring a vowel with Deep rhythmic called Mantra.
Also another original cut the purest interpretive style.
The Ep completes a great job of remixing by Madrid artist Be.Lanuit. With more classic than the original sound.


Mantra Original – Vision Avenue

Mantra Be.Lanuit 88’Mix – Vision Avenue

Like Water to Chocolate Original – Vision Avenue